How to Cook Halloumi: A Comprehensive Guide

Halloumi is a delicious semi-hard cheese with a distinct flavour that makes it a favourite among cheese lovers. Originating from Cyprus, this cheese is incredibly versatile and can be cooked in many different ways. It’s perfect grilled, fried, baked or even BBQ’d, and can be served on its own, in a salad, or as a side dish. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about how to cook halloumi to perfection.

What You’ll Need to Cook Halloumi

To cook halloumi, you’ll need the following tools and ingredients:

  • A block of halloumi cheese
  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Sharp knife to slice the cheese
  • Oil or butter for frying
  • Optional ingredients for serving, such as lemon, honey, olives, or herbs

How to Cook Halloumi: Step-by-Step

Now let’s get to the cooking process. You can cook halloumi on the stove or on the BBQ, but we’ll focus on the stovetop method.

  1. Preheat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat.
  2. While the pan heats up, slice the halloumi cheese into 1/4 inch thick slices.
  3. Add a small amount of oil or butter to the pan.
  4. Once the oil/butter has melted, add the halloumi slices to the pan.
  5. Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden brown.
  6. Once cooked, remove from the pan and add your favourite toppings such as lemon juice, honey, olives or herbs.
  7. Enjoy your delicious halloumi!

Tips for Perfectly Cooked Halloumi

1. Halloumi cheese is very salty, so it’s best to avoid adding any extra salt in your cooking.

2. Don’t overcrowd the pan. Cook the cheese in batches if you need to.

3. Don’t overcook the halloumi, as it can become rubbery. Once it’s golden brown, it’s ready.

4. If you’re grilling or barbequing halloumi, it’s best to skewer it to prevent it from falling apart.

5. Halloumi cheese freezes well, so don’t be afraid to buy it in bulk and freeze it for later use.

Ways to Serve Halloumi

Now that you know how to cook halloumi, it’s time to discuss ways to serve it. Here are some popular serving suggestions:

  • As a side dish for breakfast, garnished with honey and/or fresh fruit.
  • As a snack on its own, paired with a dip such as tzatziki.
  • Sliced on top of a salad for a protein boost.
  • On a skewer or in a burger for a vegetarian BBQ option.
  • Cooked with eggs, spinach and tomato for a delicious brunch.


Q: Can you eat halloumi cheese raw?
A: Yes, halloumi cheese can be eaten raw. However, it is most commonly cooked or grilled.

Q: How long does halloumi cheese last?
A: Unopened halloumi cheese can last up to four months in the fridge, while opened cheese should be consumed within a week.

Q: Can you freeze halloumi cheese?
A: Yes, halloumi cheese freezes well. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and store it in the freezer for up to six months.

Q: Is halloumi cheese healthy?
A: Halloumi cheese is high in protein and calcium, making it a nutritious addition to your diet. However, it is also high in sodium, so enjoy it in moderation.

Q: Is halloumi cheese vegetarian?
A: Yes, halloumi cheese is vegetarian-friendly, as it is made from cow, sheep, or goat milk.

In conclusion, cooking halloumi is easy and delicious. Try it out in different recipes for a tasty and protein-filled meal. Bon appétit!